Pusat Pengajian Ilmu Kemanusiaan | School of Humanities

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The official PPIK logotype is designed in the form of a string of four letters signifying the cohesiveness of School of Humanities (Pusat Pengajian Ilmu Kemanusiaan).

The 'PPIK' icon conveys the meaning of Pusat Pengajian Ilmu Kemanusiaan.

The letters PP is in purple, letters I in orange and K on either side in purple, the official colour of the University.

The use of the letter I in orange symbolises the knowledge and humanity (Ilmu dan Insan).

The letter I connected with the letters P and K, signifies that the School of Humanities is committed to its mission of teaching, researching, and publishing in the core field of Humanities and as well as actively engaging with the community for global improvement.