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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (English Language and Literature Studies) – 3 ½ Years

Synopsis of Programme

The B.A. English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS) programme is designed to fulfill the needs of the country to produce competent and knowledgeable graduates with relevant language and literary skills that will enable them to adapt effectively to the demands of a changing and global society, especially in the field of English language.  The ELLS degree programme aims to produce graduates who possess effective communication, leadership and innovative skills to attain excellence at the international level through an efficient dissemination of knowledge, cultivation of quality which emphasizes academic and professional excellence, holistic individual development and strong commitment towards local and international communities’ aspirations.


To produce graduates who are:

  • competent and knowledgeable in the English language.
  • knowledgeable in linguistics as a field of study (such as phonetics and phonology, semantics, syntax, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis etc).
  • equipped with relevant literary skills in order to be able to appreciate, analyse, discuss and evaluate various types of literary texts and discourses.
  • knowledgeable in various types of English (that is genre, register, dialect).
  • equipped with relevant generic skills (that is communication skills, problem-solving skills, IT skills, study skills, team-work, time management, interpersonal skills), critical and creative thinking and intellectual skills (to synthesise, analyse, and evaluate information and ideas).

Career Prospects

Equipped with sound knowledge in the field of English Language Studies and Literature along with strong communication and written skills, ELLS graduates can pursue a career related teaching; publishing at public and private publishing houses; advertising, marketing, and public relations work; or producing online content at media houses.