Muhamad Hasrul Zakariah, Dr.
Senior Lecturer
Academic Qualifications
BA (Ed) Hons (USM)

Areas of Specialization
International History: Modern Middle East and North Africa History. Arab Israel Conflict, Malaysia and South East Asia Diplomatic History, Islamic History and Historiography
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Major Publications

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  3. Muhamad Hasrul Zakariah (2011). The Oil Embargo Following the Arab Israel War of October 1973: British Economic Experience and Reaction. Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Studies (in Asia). Vol. 5(2), 92-120.
  4. Muhamad Hasrul Zakariah (2010). The Uprising of the Fedayeen Against the Government of Jordan, 1970-1971: Declassified Documents from the British Archive. International Journal of West Asian Studies. Vol. 2 (2), 47-64.
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