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Philosophy & Civilization

In the spirit of a discipline that avows its devotion to knowledge and wisdom, the Philosophy and Civilization Section indulges itself in the study and instruction of two vibrant fields of academic inquiry. While philosophy (literally, "love of wisdom") is coeval with the history of academia itself, civilization studies is gaining currency in a global era where dialogue among civilizations seems highly imperative.

Presently, the university compulsory course titled "Islamic and Asian Civilizations" comes under the jurisdiction of this section. It is a course that aims to furnish students with an appreciable repertoire of knowledge spanning history, conceptual models, values, and cultural patterns germane to the Islamic and Asian civilizations. Special emphasis is placed on the study of ways in which those elements inform interactions among the major ethnic communities in Malaysia.

The section’s curriculum includes courses such as "Islamic Philosophy", "Western Philosophy and Modern Thought", "Asian Thought", "Malay Civilization and Thought", "Ethics", and "Comparative Religion". "Critical Thinking", a skill-oriented course, is also offered by this section. Although the course deals with some fundamental operations in logic, particular attention is given to the identification of informal fallacies in arguments.

A pool of varied areas of scholarship is to be found amongst this section’s staff, whose interests extend to encompass subfields within philosophy and civilization studies. The section offers supervision expertise in graduate research in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science, Islamic philosophy, Western philosophy, comparative religion, Islamic civilization, and civilization studies.