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Malay Language

The Malay Language, Translation and Interpreting Section, part of the School of Humanities, USM, previously consisted of two separate sections belonging to two different schools. In 1998, the Translation and Interpreting Section from the Centre for Languages and Translation merged with the Malay Language Section from the School of Humanities, leading to the formation of the Malay Language, Translation and Interpreting Section at the School of Humanities.

The Malay Language Translation and Interpreting Section currently offers programmes of study leading to the following degrees at undergraduate level:

1. BA (Hons.)in Malay Language

2. BA (Hons.) in Translation and Interpreting

There are also programmes of study leading to Master’s and PhD degrees in Malay Language and in Translation.

The strength of the Malay subsection remains in Malay linguistics, through the offering of subjects such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and psycholinguistics. These subjects are complemented by courses in oral communication, computer literacy in linguistics, and theory and methods in linguistic research. While the Malay subsection prides itself on its linguistically-oriented subject offerings, much of the strength of the Translation and Interpreting subsection derives from its focus on the theory and practice of translating and interpreting. The section takes pride in offering the only translation programme in Malaysia which leads to a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting. Upon completion of the translation programme, students will have thorough familiarity with methods and strategies in translating and interpreting, terminology and lexicography, legal translation, ideology in translation, computer-assisted translation and translation evaluation.

Members of the Malay Language, Translation and Interpreting Section are engaged in research across a wide range of issues relating to the Malay language, translation and interpreting, often with focus on specific language communities and specific language pairs. The wide-ranging expertise of members of the section has also enabled us not only to cater for various interests among postgraduate students but also to continually attract students keen to work on language-related, translation-related and interpreting-related research projects.