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Geography is spatial science that studies physical phenomenon such as the earth, natural environment and elements of humanity, as well as the social environment found within spatial space. The Geography Section at the School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia stands among the pioneers of Geography scholars in the country. The Section was founded in 1969 and remains among the strongest in the country. Currently, the Geography Section boasts of two Professors, two Associate Professors and eight senior lecturers. All our academicians are nationally and also internationally known. With 12 academic staff and 3 technical staff, we teach and carry out research across the discipline from Geographic Information System (GIS) to Human Geography; from spatial theory to spatial demography and remote sensing to flood modeling. Our aim is to create and sustain the research and teaching environment with laboratories and IT facilities in a supportive and collegial atmosphere. Our main success lies in integrating teaching with national and international research funding. Our strength lies in our people who work in the section and the students who study here.