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The School of Humanities provides the following support facilities to enhance students’ learning.

Resource Room (capacity: 20)


Language Lab 1 (capacity: 30)

 bilik sumber  divider putih  makmal bahasa1
 Language Lab 2 (capacity: 30)
   Audiovisual Lab (capacity: 30)
 makmal bahasa 2    makmal pandang dengar
 Interpretation Lab (capacity: 30)
   GIS Lab (capacity: 30)
 makmal interpretasi2    makmal gis
 Archieve & Documentation Room (capacity: 8)
   Hydrology Lab (capacity: 20)
 mikrofilm    makmal hidrologi
 Computer Lab (capacity: 30)
   Physical Geography Lab (capacity: 20)
makmal komputer   makmal fizikal
 Cartography Lab (capacity: 40)
   Seminar/Viva Room (capacity: 10)
makmal pemetaan    bilik-viva
Meeting Room 1 (capacity: 8)
  Meeting Room 2 (capacity: 25)
bm1a   bm2
Meeting Room 3 (capacity: 16)
  Conference Hall (capacity: 85)
bm3   DP
Undergraduate Student Lounge (20)    Postgraduate Karel Room (20)
student lounge    karel