Wan Ruslan Ismail, Dr.


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Academic Qualifications
BSc (Hons) (Major : Meteorology and Oceanography, Minor: Physics) - Plymouth Polytechnics, UK (1984)
M.Sc. (Physical Oceanography) - University of Southampton, UK (1987)
Ph.D. (Hydrology) - University of Manchester, UK (1996)

Areas of Specialisation
Catchment Hydrology; Fluvial Geomorphology; Soil Erosion; Wetlands

Research Interests
Sediment transport; Erosion and sediment yield; Wetland Hydrology; Highland hydrolog; Fluvial geomorphology; Urban hydrology

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Major Publications

  1. Ismail, W.R. & Najib, S.A.M. (2011). Sediment and nutrient balance of Bukit Merah Reservoir, Perak (Malaysia). Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management. Vol 16(3), 179-184.
  2. Izham M. Yusoff, Muhamad U. Ujang, Alias A. Rahman, Ayob Katimon & Wan R. Ismail. (2011). Influence of georeference for saturated excess overland flow modelling using 3D volumetric soft geo-objects. Computers & Geosciences. Vol. 37 (4), 598–609.
  3. Zullyadini A. Rahaman & Wan Ruslan Ismail. (2010). Spatial and temporal variation of sedimentation rate in the Timah Tasoh water reservoir, Perlis, Malaysia. Annals of Warsaw University of Life Sciences- SGGW, Land reclamation. Vol. 42(1), 127-138.
  4. Wan Ruslan Ismail, Zullyadini A. Rahaman, Sumayyah Aimi Mohd Najib and Zainudin Othman. (2010). Sediment impact on aquatic ecosystem of Bukit Merah Reservoir, Perak, Malaysia. In K. Banasik, A. J. Horowitz, P. N. Owens, M. Stone and D. E. Walling (Eds.). Sediment Dynamics for a Changing Future (pp. 258-263). Proceedings of the ICCE symposium held at The Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, Poland, 14–18 June 2010). IAHS Publication 337.
  5. Salleh Bakar, Wan Ruslan Ismail & Zullyadini A. Rahaman. (2007). Suspended sediment concentration and turbidity relationship in two small catchments, Perlis, Malaysia. Malaysian J. Civil Engineering. Vol. 19(2), 156-169.
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  10. Wan Ruslan Ismail. (2000). The hydrology and sediment yield of the sungai air terjun, Penang Hill, Malaysia. Hydrological Sciences Journal. Vol. 45(6), 897-910.